Sponsors and Partners

The MDRS fees of Marta Ferran Marques are generously taken care of by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 .

The MDRS fees of Laurène Delsupexhe are generously taken care of by the Pôle Léonard de Vinci .

They support our mission:

Interested in sponsoring us to test your new technologies under Mars-like conditions? Contact us!

Here's what we need money for:


Help us cross the pond!


Although the Mars Society kindly offers us a car, we need to pay the fuel to get to the station from Grand Junction and back.

Cost of stay at the MDRS

Even astronauts have to pay rent.

Hotel nights

We will have to spend two nights at a hotel (or on your couch? we'll cook!), one night before and one night after the mission.

How you can help:


Feeling generous? Here's the link to our crowd-funding:



We're 6 highly-qualified scientists and engineers: if you have new technologies to test under Mars-like conditions, please feel free to contact us.

Talks and seminars

We're passionnate about space exploration and love to share our passion! If you're looking for a panelist for your next seminar, let us know!


Whether you want to write an article about us or you want us to write an article on our research, we're happy to share.

Outreach events

Whether you'd like our input to create space education tools or organize an event at your education institution, please reach out!