Paula graduated in 2017 in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. She decided to pursue a Nanomedical career by completing an MSc in Translational Biomedical Research at Vall d’Hebron Hospital, Spain.

Today, she works in the laboratory studying the pathogenesis of immune-mediated neuronal disorders. The main objective of her project is not only to understand how information is long-term encoded in the brain, but also develop an animal model that could help understand several neurological rare disorders. During her time at Vall d'Hebron hospital, Paula will be trained as an animal research assistant and a data scientist. During her Master's research, she worked in a hospital environment with patients and multiple human samples such as blood, muscle biopsies, CSF biopsies, and different cell lines.

Paula has strong organising and planning skills as well as excellent problem-solving skills. She is productive and efficient under stress conditions. As part of an all-female crew, Paula believes that women in science are an extremely valuable asset in shaping our world's future trajectory. The whole team makes a statement, women and science are a perfect combination.