Applications and benefits of AR for training and maintenance of a human settlement on Mars

By Cristina V. Reynel - Crew Executive Officer


AR has plenty of applications that could be helpful in space missions. Among other, AR could be used as an aid for visualisation of results in inspection and to guide repair activities. This includes any geometrical check, external or internal defect monitoring or non-destructive techniques can be utilised such as visual inspection, ultrasonic testing, X-ray testing or thermography.

Another area of interest could be to use AR to help in an inspection or repair from a remote location, in this case from Earth. An expert would be connected remotely to the AR device use is space and could guide with 3D visual features.

Moreover, AR is used already proven to be useful in many training applications. This could be another area to address. An AR tool could train people on Mars but also new crew members before missions.

The aim of this project at MDRS would be to identify areas where this technology could be beneficial including routinary tasks as well as in maintenance and repair activities. For that I will record every task performed and I will classify them according to its repetitiveness and degree of difficulty. Then I will assess the possible benefits of AR as a reduction in time or difficulty. The next steps after this research would be, firstly, to design the structure of an AR tool that could address the areas found. And finally, to develop a prototype for one of the identified applications in order to test its benefits. This tool would be tested by the crew in future WoMars missions.


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